My name is Tayler Schenkeveld. I am a Métis woman and professionally trained Art Therapist practicing in Calgary, AB. In 2015, I completed my Bachelor of Arts with a major in Native Studies. I then carried on to receive a masters-level diploma from the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute. It was there that I developed my unique approach to art therapy. I work from an Indigenous and relational lens, often integrating traditional healing ways and art forms into the sessions, such as using storytelling, beadwork, smudging, and even attending ceremony with my clients. I strive to create safe and sacred space for all peoples to heal and grow.

Sage and Cedar Art Therapy was established in late 2019 with a goal and mission to provide more culturally appropriate therapy to the community. The name emerged as I thought about the healing benefits that both traditional medicines, Sage and Cedar, provide and the parallels it serves in my Art Therapy practice.

Sage and Cedar. Two words, packed with meaning. Sage is a traditional Indigenous medicine that when smudged (burned ) helps cleanse the mind, body and soul. It allows for one to be better able to hear, see, think, speak and act in a better, more centered way. Just like sage, the practice of art therapy helps clients find their new beginnings.**

Cedar is used for both protection and restoration moving forward. My hope is that my clients feel the power of Cedar in and out of their Art Therapy sessions.

** Please note, smudging of sage can be made upon the request of the client at no additional cost.

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